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An Innovative Software As a Service

Solving the Major Problems of the Construction Industry Professionals

An Innovative Tool which Provides Management Reports & Decision Making Tools from Basic Design Drawings

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  • A to Z Solving the major problems of the construction industry professionals.

  • An innovative tool which provides reports & decision making tools from basic design drawings like : –

  • Contractor’s Bills – R/A & final (Individual as well as cummulative) with Measurement sheet, Bill of Quantity

  • Bill of Material

  • Bill of Labour (No. of labours required trade wise)

  • Profit Analysis

  • Management Reports

  • Decision Making Tools

  • Sensitive (escalation) Analysis etc.

  • and many other analytical datas and reports.

What is 1MNT?

1MNT is “The first in Industry” software that generates exact quantities and bills for contractors using basic CAD based drawings.

It is going to be a game changer for building construction professionals.

The software apart from Bill of Quantities and Measurement sheet generates tonnes of data as “Management Information System” acting as an innovative tool, eliminating the tedious, time-consuming, inaccurate, and costly process of bill preparation by civil building contractors.

It provides detailed profit and escalation / sensitivity analysis on “Day Zero” with details of resources and various management reports / data for right project management and controlling cost and profit. 

This software can handle mammoth data of all leading SORs (Schedule of Rates) of various public works departments of various State Govt. of India including CPWD of Govt. of India.

1mnt is going to be a big boon not only for building contractors but also for builders, developers, EPC contractors including Architects, Engineers and other construction professionals.

It has a huge database of more than 5000 construction items and equal number of materials.

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EPC / Design Build Contractors


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For Whom?


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Project Management

Project Management

Why 1MNT?

An Innovative Software As a Service.

Solving the Major Problems of the Construction Industry Professionals.

Once drawings are ready, it generates “Bills” for contractors in no time with useful details.

1mnt gives detailed materials as well as labour requirements including plumbing fixtures like, tees, bends, elbows, union etc. It also offers details of building hardware like the number of screws etc.  The software also gives formwork requirements, machine hour requirement of Plant & machinery, including no. of labour required for a given task.

An Innovative Tool which provides Management Reports & Decision Making Tools from Basic Design and Drawings.

It performs a detailed cost analysis of RCC works, analysing cost of concrete, steel and form work interse.

Besides offering such reports, it works out exact quantity of steel based on “Bar Bending schedule”, which can be generated based on detailed structural design drawings. The bar bending schedule can also be used for factory production.

It can also compare and analyse the “least cost” of structural design i.e. it can do optimisation of structural design from the multiple options provided.

Demerits of Existing System

  1. Why Contractor / Builders fail to achieve targeted profit or incur losses?
  2. Billing – Contractor’s Biggest Headache
  3. Why project management by contractor, does not succeed?
  • No software which generates exact quantities in desired format from basic design drawings.
  • No software which gives detailed materials as well as labour requirements from basic design drawings.
  • The existing billing process of contractors is highly:
  • Tedious-cumbersome | Boring | Time consuming | Tasking | Inaccurate | Inefficient | Costly
  • Time consumed in billing increases interest / financial cost.
  • No data of Materials, Manpower, Plant & Machineries etc., available on 1st day.
  • In absence of Data “Resource Planning” is either absent or difficult.
  • In absence of data, cost control is non-scientific and arbitrary.
  • Arbitrary cost control affects quality and speed of work.
  • Estimate of exact overhead costs is absent which affects profit margins.
  • Accurate Real Time Sensitive (escalation) Analysis is almost impossible.
  • No Value Engineering is possible due to above constraints.
  • No control over leakage of materials and other resources from the site.
  • Very difficult for contractors and builders to update and prepare “As Built Drawings”.
  • Bar bending scheduling process is tedious and time taking. 
  • With only one alternative of structural design it is difficult to judge whether it is really “the least cost design”.
  • Updation of Rate Analysis not always possible and not linked with ultimate cost and profit
  • All these effects the “Profitability” in nut-shell.
  • Difficult to connect with Project Management software like Prime Vera, MS Project etc

How Does 1MNT Helps

  • Accuracy, efficiency, easy, speed and time saving in Billing / Costing / Estimating / Planning
  • Zero Billing Headache
  • Better Utilisation of Human Resources for Quality Control & Timely Completion
  • Saving in cost of finance (Interest on one month of work amount)
  • Materials Management possible
  • Better utilization of Labours resources
  • Effective utilization of Plant & Machineries
  • Control over leakage, theft from site
  • RCC Cost Analysis – Steel vs Concrete vs Formwork, resulting in real cost saving – Value addition
  • Detailed calculation of overheads for cost control
  • Overall Profit Analysis / Itemwise Profit Analysis
  • Overall Cost Control
  • Excess saving statement at every R / A Bill stage
  • Sensitivity / Escalation Analysis at every price rise / Billing stage
  • Simultaneous preparation of As Built drawings including Revisions
  • No small items like grooves, vattas, corner plasters masonry etc., shall be missed, while Billing.
  • Sufficient data to manage project on Primevera, MS Project or other similar platform
  • Revision of Rates very easy
  • Rate Analysis as per contractor’s material and labour cost inputs
  • Exact calculation of lumpsum / area based costs / rates prevailing in industry i.e. per flat / per toilet etc.
  • The best data for Resource planning.


  • All these reports shall be generated from the basic design drawings
  • Software integrates CAD Model and gives all the output in spread sheet format

Clients’ to give

  • All basic design drawings preferably in CAD format
  • Specifications of materials for all items
  • Billing format i.e. SOR / Contract with client / Department / Government
  • Bill of Quantity as per tender (for billing purpose)


  • Full package: MS, BOQ, BOM, BOL, RA, MRs, 10 R/A Bills, BBS, As-Built Drawings
  • Economical Package – All as above except 10 R/A bills, BBS & As Built Drawings
  • Basic Package– only MS and BOQ
  • Optimisation of Structural Design
  • Only BBS
  • Pre Bid Quantity (No BBS, Structural Design and As Built Drawings), but incl. Profit Analysis & Management Reports
  • Pre Bid Quantity as above with Structural Design but excluding As Built Drawings
  • Pre Bid Quantity as above with Architecture/Structural Design but excluding As Built Drawings
  • Profit Analysis (based on your BOQ) with all MR excl. BBS/ excluding As Built Drawings

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